Two US Firms Agreed To Settle $21 Million Dollars for Deceiving Consumers

January 28, 2015 at 2:36 pm

Two companies whose business is all about online payday lending operating in the US agreed to settle a huge $21 million because of their deceiving lending practices. On Friday, the FTC announced the settlement with MNE Services Inc. and Overland Park, Kan, an AMG Services Inc. based. The authorities said that these two companies were part of the online loan operation; they charged consumers of undisclosed fees. The FTC further said that the entire operation of the companies misled consumers; they told them that a loan of $300 will only be paid back for only $390 but they charged more to the amount of $975. The government expressed that the lenders are operating under these brand names: United Cash, Ameriloan, US Fast Cash, Star Cash Processing and Advantage Cash Services. They did not disclose the accurate interest rates extended to consumers.

The payday loan lenders should disclose the accurate figures in terms of interest rates and other fees. One example of a lending company in UK that promotes responsible lending is the Uncle Buck payday loans LLP. They are aware of the misconceptions about the business, the reason why they work hard to understand their customers’ needs by treating them equally as individuals. This means that they assess every application to evaluate the borrower’s capacity to pay and how he can repay based on his circumstances. Also, they are regulated and authorized by the FCA and committed to follow the Good Practice Customer Charter to offer important protection to every customer availing a short-term loan.

The Sharks People Can Live Without

January 23, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Sharks are not only found in the ocean but also on land. In the corporate world, they are called loan sharks; they do their best to peddle unaffordable loans for those who desperately need money but end up paying more than they borrowed originally. In short, these guys are everywhere to get people. Recently, there was an online petition campaign by the National People’s Action and several public interest groups, this is done to urge the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in taking decisive and strong action against the predatory payday lenders.


There are many loan sharks in the US and one of the most famous is W. Allen Jones, he is the CEO of the Check Into Cash who is operating 1,100 payday loan at the same time cashing shops in twenty-nine states. Jones was the pioneer of the payday, started in 1990s by offering short-term loans with a timeframe of only two weeks but the interest rate is equivalent to more than 400%. The company offers safe and convenient loans to help customers spread their buying power as well as help cover unplanned and small expenses. The bottom line is that Jones together with other payday lenders who followed his business is an example of a business model that depends on the customers who become stuck with their loans for a long-term.

The payday industry has brought a disaster to millions of families and communities while owners like Jones became one of the richest persons in Tennessee, clearing an annual $20 million on post taxes by making loans to health care workers, hotel housekeepers and others who are barely make enough money each month. Most of the payday lenders promote their loan process is quick and easy like the swiftmoney. Also, availing loans from them are completely transparent. They claim they do not charge hidden fees and by the time the loan application is approved, an email will notify the borrower stating the loan amount together with a clear description of fees. This is their way of showing that payday lenders are honest and to erase the bad connotation they are loan sharks.

Why Savoury Food Catering is Eco-Friendly?

January 19, 2015 at 9:46 am

Environment-friendly and sustainable practices are very important things that any company should consider. This is what most companies in the industry of catering Vancouver is trying to promote. Savoury Chef Food catering services is one of the advocates of these practices. They follow the general guidelines as to sustainability.

General Guidelines of Sustainability Practices

  • Locally produced: Savoury Chef boasts of utilizing fresh, local products that are sold in Vancouver’s market. Compared to imported food products, locally grown products contain smaller carbon footprint since they only travel in short distance. Aside from that, the company would help support the livelihood of local farmers; which maintains the regional agricultural production of the area.
  • Organic ingredients: One must make use of organic ingredients in order to be considered as a catering company that is an advocate of the environment. Organic farms do not utilize chemical substances that may harm one’s health.
  • Fresh ingredients: Fresh produce is considered to be healthier since they contain nutrients that are readily absorbed by our bodies.
  • Healthy: Food caterers should make sure that they have various healthy choices available; whether the client is books for an event featuring light meals or full meals.
  • Reusable or recyclable dinnerware: The most ideal choice for any event is chinaware or any other reusable dinnerware primarily because it doesn’t impact the environment that much; it is also what most clients prefer. However, when these options are not available or appropriate, your alternative should be providing compostable or recyclable dinnerware.
  • Vegetarian menu: Catering companies should offer vegetarian menus to their clients. This is primarily because vegetables are the healthiest dish one can offer.
  • Produced in accordance with the ethical principles: Staffs employed by Savoury Chef Foods are treated ethically as they do not give unreasonable salaries to provide the services that the client wants.
  • Quality: It is evident from repeat customer reviews and the many clients of Savoury Chef that they serve food that is of quality; both environment-friendly and delicious.

US Financial Firms Raise Most Money in IPOs Since Crisis

January 1, 2015 at 9:57 pm

Managing finances is never a piece of cake. Every now and then, every household faces its own financial problem, and the best way to deal with this is proper budgeting and, most frequently, applying for a loan, especially when there are bills to be paid right on time. Payday loans are very useful when there is a need for quick money just before the payday comes. Good thing there are many banks and lending companies these days where payday loans are offered. However, their services and interest rates may differ from each other. Applying loan in a bank will need much paperwork. But with lending companies, application is made easy.

Have you ever heard of QuickQuid? This is an online lending company offering payday loans with low interest rates and flexible payment options. Unlike other lending companies, this company sees to it that their valued customers get the maximum amount of loan convenient for them. And to show that they put their customers first, they offer multiple payment options so that their customers can choose on the payment option that works for them best. Additionally, fast release of loan is assured. The moment the application is approved, customers will get to hold their money in just a few minutes.

One of the good points of applying for payday loans in lending companies is that it can be done online. All you need to do is to make sure that you have your Internet connection and try filling out the online application form found in the site. Many people are concerned about the approval of the loan, but what many don’t know is that lending companies impose less strict rules than banks.

Payday loans are offered by both banks and lending companies. But if you want no or less hassle, it is advised you take the second option. Quick money can save you from many financial downfalls, so make sure that you know where to find it.

Marketing Automation: Building Relationships and Boosting Sales

January 28, 2015 at 8:41 pm

Marketing automation has become increasingly popular this year among business owners and marketers. If it’s done correctly, marketing automation will provide you with more and better leads, enhanced conversion rates, and improved productivity; all things you’d love to hear in terms of generating new businesses.

So what is marketing automation? Does it mean you’d lose the relationship you have with all your company’s clients?

If the purpose of marketing is to understand the needs of the customers, then marketing automation would fit right in to the bag; this primarily because it uses the insights and knowledge gathered from data in order to personalize and enhance marketing strategies. It makes use of a technology that can track and evaluate consumer behavior at every phase of a customer’s journey and generate marketing tasks in return such as online marketing ads and e-mail marketing.

It can be used for anything; from telling you when the best time is to contact a client to what message would best resonate to them. Aside from that, it will also give you data that you haven’t accessed yet in the past such as what your potential clients would like to read and the keywords customers search for in various search engines. This, therefore, can lead to follow-up communication, sending reminders about deals with lenders and give tasks to the business manager. The list of potentials and opportunities goes a long way.

Lane Becker

Marketing Automation: Building Relationships and Boosting Sales

It’s amazing to see that some broker groups are now using marketing automation already and there are various software providers that provide this strategy now. If your aggregator is utilizing this and you wish to understand this technology well, you can watch live demos that cover everything from tech support to training to data security and the likes. With the increasing cases of identity theft and fraud recently, data security is the most important issue that needs to be focused on.

Though it would seem like a holy grail of business, it also requires careful strategic planning and data gathering. This involves evaluating your current efforts in marketing, understanding what your goals in automation are, and how you will implement the technology. By setting all of these things clear and with enough budget, this will surely help you guide which technology you will buy from the market.

Rather than de-humanizing your relationship with your client and customers, marketing automation will be able to help you move from transactional marketing and leads generation to being able to interact with the people in the most meaningful way at each phase of your journey in the business. This is exactly what Lane Becker, the Co-Founder and President of Get Satisfaction, is trying to promote in the industry. Through the customer engagement community platform, companies will be able to connect with their customers and build relationships in a whole new perspective.

In an age where data is becoming more readily available – with just one touch of our finger tips – and customers expecting more from businesses, being able to stand out from a sea of entrepreneurs by providing content that resonates to the clients will surely help you in boosting your sales.

Bank Financing Life Insurance Premiums

January 9, 2015 at 9:53 pm

Bank financing is one of the best options when you’re buying a property like a home or a car. However, is it practical to loan money to pay for your life insurance premiums?

There are instances when it may be practical, but a bank-financed insurance is not for everyone.

Loaning money to finance life insurance premiums are recommended for those that require a large death benefit. The person who decides to buy the policy must have a net worth that is high enough to justify the benefit; but he or she doesn’t have the access to money to pay for the premiums. In cases wherein banks won’t approve of the loan due to poor credit rating, they may suggest guarantor loans.

talk guarantor loans

Guarantor loans are the type of loans that involve agreements with third parties (known as guarantors) that will serve as insurance for the repayment of the loan. They are established by legal contracts; however, the loans will differ in terms of amount and purpose. This type of loan is highly recommended for those who have bad or poor credit history since they won’t be able to qualify for loans on their own. When we talk guarantor loans, guarantors can be friends and family members. Like the loan applicant, their credit history, assets, expenses, and references are also evaluated in order to determine whether or not they qualify. The advantage of having guarantors that have excellent credit rating is that when the guarantor is approved, the applicant will receive the financing that he needs. However, in the event that the applicant fails to pay the loan, then the guarantor will be the one who is liable to pay for the debt.

Guarantor loans will affect the debt-to-income ratios of the applicant and the guarantor. Therefore, the guarantor may not be able to acquire another loan if the lender considers the total debt-to-income ratio as very risky. Lenders are the ones to decide on the interest rates for guarantor loans. Interest rates vary depending on the lender’s risk assessment. If the applicant or guarantor is considered to be low-risk, then they will be given the best interest rates available.

Financial Betting and Licensed Brokers

January 6, 2015 at 8:55 pm

Financial betting has been increasingly popular over the years. It is believed that this popularity is due to the binary options that allow trading opportunities for those who are not that literate in terms of economics.

What is a Binary Option?

Binary option is a type of short-term investment in which the traders will be able to predict the fluctuation of an asset’s price: whether or not it will rise or fall during a certain timeframe. The most common types of binary options are currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks.

A binary option is traded with complete transparency and requires only very little from its trader. Return rates and risk ratios are clear and precise; thus, with asset and prediction, anyone can choose to trade. However, it is highly recommended that you must first have general knowledge about the market and how it works before trading with binary options. Click here to learn more at

Licensed Brokers

Binary option can be accessed by online brokers that specialize in the field. With its nature, proper regulation is very important. There are actually certified regulatory bodies that audit and monitor binary option brokers in order to prevent fraud and ensure that they are operating within the code of conduct stipulated by the bylaws. Brokers are required to have a license and comply with the terms and conditions of the regulatory bodies.

The Finest Options for Both Beginner and Advanced Traders

January 3, 2015 at 9:07 pm

A safer and secure alternative to stock trading is options trading. Unlike the stock market, options trading don’t involve any risk. Option trading opens a way to a great array of options on the development of techniques that will aid you to achieve success. With options trading, you will have an assurance of a bigger possibility for greater amount of profits though it will require higher broker fees.

For traders who want to gain more income believe that option trading can give them what they are wishing for. These people who are motivated by greed wished for more gains beyond what they need and can manage. Yes, it can be likely to get enormous amounts of income at a very short period of time; however, a lot of investors resorted to methods that can definitely fail because of desiring profits so dreadfully. What’s important to remember is that in order to survive and be successful in optiontime trading is that a person has create the most effective trading means. Know and understand seriously these approaches and utilize them in each deal. You must also have a fix clear trading policies that you should strictly adhere to.


To guide you with your option trading, the following are some efficient strategies that can aid the trader to have greater gains with only a very little possible risks involved.

One of the finest options trading that you may try is to sell credit spreads. In just a week, this technique can be made for just 30 minutes. This is an easy task that will allow you a profit growth by 10-15% in a monthly base. The important thing that you need to do in this strategy is to go take a simple evaluation on your chosen market stocks. Check out and monitor the simple market trends. Don’t overanalyze. Simplicity is the ultimate key here. This technique might be simple yet profitable.

Other than selling credit spreads, there are other best option trading methods that you can have. One is selling naked puts. Not like credit spreads, this approach would just be effective in an upward market trend and also has greater margin criteria. On the other hand, it has a very little risk with this kind of technique and up front gains.

Added options trading techniques is through buy and sell of deep-in-the-cash options or also referred as DITM. This strategy type gives you the chance to purchase certain stocks for just half the amount. Through this, you can have bigger chances of having your profits to go double. You don’t need to worry with regards to the dividends and other long-term factors because these option trades will only last for a very short period of time.

If you are into selling stocks, then one of the finest options would be to sell covered calls. By doing this, it will enable you to lessen the price of your stocks each month.

Lastly, there are many more option strategies that can offer you greater profits with such little risk. These are intricate methods like of straddles, strangles, iron condors, and butterflies. Conversely, these approaches have increased the broker fees and will let you pay for a greater amount of money. You should also sacrifice a small sum of cash to earn gains.

Your Very Own All-in-One Bank Account

December 14, 2014 at 1:59 am

Most of us will agree that there are few things that can compare to the thrill and exhilaration of opening that first bank account. Many of you will agree that it probably marked your independence as well as opened your eyes to financial freedom. In most cases, people open accounts in the same banks in which their parents had opened their first accounts many years ago.

No worries there, if they are satisfied with the services of their choice of financial institution. You need not worry about your money. However, there is a big possibility that their bank might not be offering new and better services that other companies now offer. Smaller, conservative banks do not often introduce new services or options to their clients.

These days, most banks have begun to offer a number of flexible bank accounts to suit various needs. As the demand from consumers increase, institutions are coming up with ways to be more competitive. The interest earning checking account is a bank account that the old-fashioned account holder would adore. Another is the savings and insurance account for those who wish to protect themselves with an accident insurance, all the while earning interest.

The time deposit now enables you to transfer the interests on a monthly basis, to your specified bank account. These banking institutions are making sure that whatever new needs might arise in our lives, there will be an account suitable for us.

Whatever bank account you choose, and whatever services you wish to avail, you have to ask yourself a number of questions before you decide.

- Are you looking for an account that will earn a huge interest? You could think about a savings account. Whilst keeping your money secure, you’re earning off of your savings. Savings accounts are also coupled with ATM/Debit cards which you can use to purchase from online stores, restaurants and grocery stores.

The only obstacle (and a minimal one at that) is that a visit to the ATM would be necessary to withdraw money.

- Are you looking for an account that will enable you to pay for utilities? You should seriously think about getting a checking account. All lending institutions as well as utility service providers accept checks as payments. Checks are as good as cash – you don’t even have to worry about sending it via mail. However, most banks do not offer interest for checking accounts, and even charge for the services.

- Do you want your money to earn without gambling it? You really need to give some thought to the time deposit service. It is just a matter of choosing the institution with the highest interest rates, as well as the terms in which you can withdraw you money. A rolling time deposit gives you free reign to your money, all the while letting you cash in on interests.

You are not limited to just one option. Just take out the time to talk to your bank and ask about their new services or promos. Finding that perfect bank account should not be a problem at all.

How to Find Job in Banking Sector

September 28, 2014 at 10:34 am

In fact, some banks are still flourishing and rising. Therefore, you should not give up their goal of finding a job at a large bank. Instead, you should head forward and never give up your dreams. In this brief article, we will tell you how to find a good job where new bank that is perfect for your education and work experience. Sound interesting right? Why wait any more let’s begin immediately and help you protect your new career in banking.

1. First, find out what type of Jobs in a Bank will pursue. This can be done by visiting job sites and talk to professionals in the field. In fact, it is strongly recommended to conduct an informational interview with someone working in the career you hope to continue.

For example, say you want to work as a bank teller. Well, to know what day it is actually like a banker, you have to talk to someone who actually works in the field. Therefore, you should contact your local HR department and tell them you want to conduct an informational interview with someone in the career choice that interests you (in this case the bank teller). Then take them to lunch or an interview about her career choice. Some of the questions you would like to do are:

How to Find Job in Banking Sector

• How long have you been working at this bank?• What is your educational background?• Have you ever had any previous positions at this bank?• What do you like most about this position?• What do you like least about this position?• If you had a choice, would you choose this career again? If so, why? If not, why?• What is your work background?• Do you have any advice for someone wanting to enter this profession?• What are your long and short term plans?

2. Performed following your informational interview for Banks Jobs, you should develop a comprehensive list of all banks would like to work for. These may be local and national banks (if you’re willing to relocate). Either way, make a list and create a spreadsheet of all the companies that you may be interested in working for. You will then use this spreadsheet in order to devise a "contact employment plan". During this phase of the contact employment plan, you will contact each bank’s HR department and ask if they’re hiring. If so, you should send a resume professionally designed immediately. If not, you should try sending them a resume that will keep on file when positions become available eligible. Either way, do not take "no" answer. Instead, try to get the Human Resources Department at least take a look at your resume. After a few days have passed, follow up with a phone call to ensure you receive the package.

3. Contacts with banking professionals and people in the financial industry. This can be done by going to conventions, seminars and other meetings where you can. During this networking session, you must make contacts and do not really push anyone to give you a job.

4. Don’t’ get disheartened. Just keep in mind to get your perfect career opportunity for some time it takes some time for getting banks jobs. You sometime not clear bank entrance exam don’t lose heart try again next time and also in other banks.

How to Find Job in Banking Sector

If you stick in you determination you will definitely get job in banking sector. Just do not give up and enjoy the process of making you stand out and be the best you can be.